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Press Distribution Service and its Contents

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The press distribution service is an important aspect of SEO and thus you will get the right value for what you have paid for. The contents of the good press distribution service include:

  • The URL and the keyword that one has to promote on the sites. One can promote the actual posts and pages on the sites to get better ranks. So, one can have links of the brand name on the main page and also include a keyword in the middle of the text of the press release which is then linked to the page of the site. Later at the end of the press distribution service, one can add a naked URL. The press release prefers keywords which are used for broad one.

press distribution service

  • The next content of the website/ web page is providing a short description about the website. The aim of including the description is to make the news that gets juicy backlinks.
  • Name of the CEO or the representative party is to use your name or party name or both in the press distribution service. With the press release, various other companies will reach to your site with the aim of working with you in promoting the brands. Thus, in order to get more companies to contact you one should include legitimate information in the website.
  • The name of the company and address is an essential requirement in the press release. If there is no name of the company, one can include the name of the website as well.
  • Further including a phone number is important for promoting your business.
  • The next important information that should be included in the press release is the email address so that you can receive confirmation from various sites suggesting and commenting on your website and press release. Thus, one should add a valid email address which is checked on working days.
  • Other details that can be included in the press release is the name of the city and country you live in.


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